What is

…and what Makes a Properly Improper Gin?

Are there exact rules that have to be followed exactly? Are there predetermined measurements ordained by a higher, wiser authority? Is there a certain cosmic balance of aromatics and botanicals that transports you to just approximately heaven? And who decides what makes this or that a proper gin?

We, of Brockmans, are the standard bearers and descendants of a long line of gins that stretches back to time immemorial. And while we respect and honor the traditions that have led us to this time and place, we steadfastly refuse to be beholden to outdated notions of what is and is not a gin. When it should or should not be drunk. Or how it should be drunk. Who should or should not drink it. And where said drinking should be done.

One asks… what if the perfect gin…just happened to be the properly improper gin.