Traditions bind us. They provide continuity across generations. Left unbroken they are sources of comfort and reassurance through the tumultuousness of time. But they can also lead to complacency and the worst sin of all… boredom.

So we resolve to respect traditions but refuse to be bound by them. We absorb all that is noble and true but move forward unafraid to experiment, tinker and strive to make our own mark on this world. The result is a gin anchored in the traditions of the past but with an unwavering eye towards the infinite possibilities of the future.

Who made the rules? Who declared unequivocally that this is proper and that isn’t? Imagine the arrogance… True, Brockmans is unlike any gin you’ve tasted before or are likely to ever taste again, but does that make us improper? Hardly. Pick up the bottle, hold it in your hands, dark, mysterious and inviting. Pour it slowly, enticingly pure, over ice. Raise your glass, allow it to touch your lips, and there it is… the decidedly untraditional tones of blueberries, citrus and coriander countering the traditional juniper notes … and just like that you are off on a journey past the usual into the unexpected. And if that is improper, we respectfully ask, who would ever want to be proper?

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