Negroni Blanco

For your Negroni, fill up a tumbler with Brockmans, Luxardo Bitter Bianco and sparkling grapefruit before giving it a good swirl. Garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

A Negroni. But like no other...

The Components

  • 40ml Brockmans Intensely Smooth Gin
  • 20ml Luxardo Blanco
  • 80ml Grapefruit Soda (20ml Grapefruit juice / 20ml soda water)


  1. Fill a tumbler glass with ice cubes then add 35ml Brockmans Gin and 35ml Luxardo Bitter Bianco and top with equal measures of Grapefruit juice and Soda water.
  2. Give it a gentle stir in the glass.
  3. Garnish with a thin wedge of pink grapefruit.