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Until Next Time… The Properly Improper Society

Those who seized the opportunity to attend the distinguished Brockmans’ Properly Improper Society enjoyed a touch of music, magic, laughter and the most refined joy of imbibing Brockmans Gin, in London’s enigmatic and eclectic neighbourhood of Soho. 

The prodigious affair featured – of course –  a bar offering attendees ambrosial Brockman Gin cocktails (some Proper, some Improper…) which allowed one’s imagination to wander into the spirit of our society. 

Alongside these delectable drinks, fortunate participants enjoyed masterclasses to learn how to relish us at home, alongside incredible live performances from DJ’s and musicians such as the incredible Billie, comedians like Elf Lyons, spoken word artists in Harry Baker and stories shared with Oscar-Nominated Director Mike Figgis. 

You may have heard that to attend, one must not ask to be invited but wait to be summoned. Our advice? Make sure you keep a vigilant eye out for the next opportunity and seize it as The Properly Improper Society looks to evolve…