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Best Bars to Cool Down with a Brockmans, NJ

We made it. We are right in the middle of the summer, and in most parts of the world, it’s very hot. But just as the days are long, gin is here for us, cold, floral and quaffable. For our American friends, we sought out New Jersey’s best bars to cool down with a Brockmans, up and down the coast. Looking to drink gin outside in New Jersey? Take a journey with us…

Pier 115, Edgewater

Situated on a pier, Pier 115 has a view of New York City you need to capture a photo of. What’s more, Pier 115 is home to Head Bartender Idalberto Martinez (aka Albi), who has won our World Gin Day Brocktail competition not once, but twice, for New Jersey. Albi, an ex-Marine who spent quite a bit of time at high-volume bars in Miami, says the weekends at Pier 115 are “insane.” Instead, he recommends happy hour, when one of the offerings is called “I Trust My Bartender”—an opportunity for the bartender to experiment, and for the customer to get a cocktail at a great price. It’s how Albi came up with his winning drink, “Brockhemian Rhapsody”, a gin sour with Meyer lemon syrup, mezcal, and muddled jwala pepper (click the link for the recipe!). At Pier 115, we see no reason not to trust your bartender.

Cool down with a Brockmans at Pier 115 in Edgewater, with Idalberto Martinez's winning Brocktail, the "Brockhemian Rhapsody"

Albi Martinez’s winning Brocktail, “Brockhemian Rhapsody”

Union Hall, Hoboken

Yes, this is the same Union Hall we wrote about back in April. But now that the weather’s warm we wanted to remind you that Union Hall has a delightful outdoor patio with a view of Manhattan that feels close enough to swim to (don’t do it though…). Be sure to order the fan favorite, “When We Vote, We Win,” and say hello to David for us…

Cool down with a Brockmans at Union Hall in Hoboken, with "When We Vote, We Win"

“When We Vote, We Win” at Union Hall in Hoboken

Lutze Biergarten, Jersey City

Brockmans Gin. On tap. Need we say more? This seasonal beer garden is colourful and vine-covered, with three bars, crowd-pleasing food, and games. The Kekambas, a carbonated tap cocktail with lemon, cucumber, and Brockmans, goes down a little too easy. Oh, and you can take a ferry there from Wall Street in Manhattan. Did we mention there was a Brockmans cocktail on tap?

Cool down with a Brockmans at Lutze Biergarten in Jersey City, with "The Kekambas", a Brockmans Gin cocktail on tap

“The Kekambas” at Lutze Biergarten in Jersey City

Taka, Asbury Park

For those who dip down the Jersey Shore for the summer, Taka in Asbury Park has everything you need—sushi, Japanese fare, outdoor seating, and, of course, Brockmans Gin. And for those who haven’t been, Asbury Park is worth a visit–precious, beach-centered, and lively. Head to Taka, snag one of their outside tables, and order a 50/50 Brockmans Gin martini with your meal. You can thank us later.

Cool down with a Brockmans at Taka in Asbury Park, New Jersey, with a martini made just the way you like it

The “50/50 Brockmans Gin Martini” at Taka

The Shrimp Box, Point Pleasant Beach

The Shrimp Box is where you go when you’re looking for a frills-free seafood menu, in a casual space, on the water. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces are large and comfortable, the staff is friendly, the crowd is mixed, and the beer and cocktails complement the food menu like a squeeze of lemon on fried calamari. Bar Manager Steve Hirzel, a self-proclaimed “man of many responsibilities,” loves Brockmans because it doesn’t have “that typical gin taste” that puts a lot of people off. Instead, Brockmans allows him to allure his customers back into gin. We’re already convinced, of course, but for those who aren’t, order a “Sunset Spritz”–with Brockmans, Aperol, grapefruit juice, and prosecco–and then try to tell us you don’t like gin.

Cool down with a Brockmans at the Shrimp Box in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, with The "Sunset Spritz" by Steve Hirzel

The “Sunset Spritz” at the Shrimp Box

Amendment 21, Point Pleasant Beach

Named for the infamous amendment that gave the US their alcohol back, Amendment 21 is perfect when it’s a little too hot out, and you’re looking for a cool place to cool off. Interested in a little history with your alcohol? Amendment 21 spared no expense in celebrating the historic end to Prohibition, with newspaper clippings, photos, and quotes from President Roosevelt himself adorning the brick-lined, den-like space. And the drinks menu is printed on what looks like an actual newspaper from that fateful day in 1933. Order their Southside cocktail with Brockmans (mint, sugar, lime, gin) and know you are doing Franklin Roosevelt proud.

Cool down with a Brockmans at Amendment 21 in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, with a Brockmans Southside Cocktail

The “Southside” cocktail at Amendment 21

Charlie’s of Bay Head, Bay Head

Just a short walk from the beach and with gorgeous views of Twilight Lake, Charlie’s is where you’d take someone you’d like to impress. White wood dominates the space, and the long bar and friendly bartenders are rather inviting. What’s more, their “Last Word”, a borderline addictive Brockmans cocktail with muddled blackberries, mint, lemon, and cucumber is too pretty and too delicious not to order, photograph, sip, and repeat.

Cool down with a Brockmans with the "Last Word" at Charlie's of Bay Head in Bay Head, New Jersey

The “Last Word” at Charlie’s of Bay Head

We know that the heat can be tough. But that’s why we created the world’s smoothest gin, to help ease you through those dog days of summer. And if you do get a chance to visit any of New Jersey’s best bars to cool down with a Brockmans, let us know below, or on our social channels, what you think…