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Brockmans Gin Sorbet at The Swan Inn

The only thing better than a Brockmans and tonic on a warm evening is a scoop of Brockmans Gin sorbet. Or three… We made our way up to Eaglesham in Scotland to visit the 186-year-old pub know as The Swan Inn to enjoy a few scoops of their newly created Brockmans sorbet.

Marco Sarao, the manager, had barely put it down before we had our first spoonful. It’s elegantly served in our signature copa glass and garnished with strawberries, blueberries and touch of pink grapefruit zest. It tasted just like our perfect serve. Pulling up a chair, Marco explained that the idea was born when Enzo Durante, the owner of one of the UK’s most respected ice cream companies, Porrelli, came in for a gin & tonic one evening.

Enzo began experimenting with our gin, first creating an ice cream before a sorbet flavoured with gin and blueberries. But he found it best to let the gin speak for itself. Brockmans is mixed with a bit of tonic water, sugar and a few other ingredients to recreate our Perfect Serve in frozen form. Now alongside one of the 80 Brockmans glasses served on a Saturday evening at The Swan Inn, three scoops of Brockmans sorbet for £3.95 make for an equally refreshing alternative.

Brockmans Gin Sorbet at The Swan Inn 1We’ve barely finished our sorbet when Marco tells us about their miso cod marinated in Brockmans Gin. Looks like we’ll be having dessert before dinner this evening. There’s just time for a leisurely Brockmans and Tonic in its more usual, liquid form before we continue our culinary expedition.

If you fancy a refreshing Brockmans sorbet, visit The Swan Inn in Scotland before this British summer ends…