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Bob’s Your Uncle, NYC

New York’s Upper West Side may seem like nothing more than residential brownstones and dogs in strollers, but the hidden gems that await make the journey more than worthwhile. Bob’s Your Uncle is one such gem.

Owner Danielle Savin tells us that from the start, the philosophy behind Bob’s Your Uncle has been to provide great drinks and camaraderie in an unpretentious atmosphere, and they certainly hit it on the head. The vibe is relaxed and homey, the type of place where time will slip by and you won’t ever mind.

The Bondage at Bob's Your Uncle in New York's Upper West Side

This isn’t the first Brockmans cocktail Danielle has put on her menu, and she assures us it won’t be the last. This time, it’s her Vesper riff, which she calls the “Bondage” (get it?). Keeping it simple, she stirs Brockmans with vodka and Lillet Rouge.

“It’s a nod to someone serious about their martini, with a tip of the hat to 007,” she says cheerily, stirring one up for us.

Although she clearly likes her vespers stirred, and not shaken, the Bondage is quite delicious.The Bondage at Bob's Your Uncle in New York's Upper West Side

We get to talking about her years behind the stick, and she casually lets it slide that she once tended bar for Prince. Yes, the Prince.

“It was years ago at a bar which doesn’t exist anymore, and Prince rented out the space for an after-party. He and his bodyguard were the only ones there for a while and I was given his credit card–which, sadly, did not say Prince. He came over and complimented my drink, which, admittedly was quite simple–a Stoli Raspberry with soda. He was shorter than me, even in his heels, but had an unmistakable aura. And if Brockmans had been born then, I’m sure that’s what I would have convinced him to drink.” (Side note: make a Raspberry Beret drink with Brockmans, please.)

Without even realizing it, we have sipped the Bondage down to its last drops. Sadly, it’s time for us to go. But we’ll be back up to the Upper West Side soon enough.

The Bondage at Bob's Your Uncle in New York's Upper West SIde.

The Bondage

By Danielle Savin


  • 2 oz Brockmans Gin
  • .75oz vodka
  • .25oz Lillet Rouge


Stir over ice until cold. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist. 

And be sure to visit Danielle over at Bob’s Your Uncle on the Upper West Side. Warning: You might just lose track of time…