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Win A Year’s Supply of Gin in our Monthly Facebook Live!

Around a year ago we sat down thinking of the best way to connect with our gin lovers. A few G&Ts later, it hit us: Press For Gin. Because who wouldn’t want gin on command? We created ‘Press For Gin’ events in London, Glasgow and Manchester that gave people a taste of what it’d be like to have our very own Brockmans bar. But we wanted something more. And so did everyone outside of those cities (although we’ve had people travel from abroad to attend). So we created a monthly Facebook Live treasure hunt that would give people the chance to connect with our online community, and win the ultimate prize: a year’s supply of Brockmans gin!

We now host a chance each month to win a year’s supply of gin in our Facebook Live videos which run throughout the UK and Germany.

How does it work?

Each month we announce which day and city we’ll be live in on Facebook. If you don’t want to miss out on our announcements, make sure you turn on the notifications for our page…

Brockmans Gin Facebook Live

The livestream will usually be around lunch time when most people have hit a lull at their desks and are looking to find some ginspiration.

Our team heads to that particular city with our ‘Press For Gin’ button and hides. The hunt begins when the Facebook Live starts, giving away the first clue that will lead you towards our hiding spot. For one hour, every 10 minutes a new clue will be released, each clue becoming increasingly easier to lead you towards the button.

Brockmans Gin Facebook Live

If you’re in the city, it’s time to put your running shoes on because you’ll only have until the end of the hour to come and ‘Press For Gin’ to win the year’s supply!

But What If I’m not in the City?

Because we know not everyone watching will be able to run and ‘press for gin,’ we give away a bottle at random every 10 minutes to anyone commenting on the location they think is correct. We’d recommend having a computer handy for research purposes.

The Winners

The winners are gifted their Brockmans supply and are added to our Hall of Fame….

Terms & Conditions

You must be of legal drinking age in your country to participate. Full details can be found here…

Year’s Supply Winners!

November – London – Old Operating Theatre Museum

Katrina and Sue

October – Hamburg – Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe – No Winner

October – Norwich – Erpingham Gate

Matthew Laxton

September – Leicester – Guildhall – No Winner

August – Manchester – Chetham’s Library

Sam Wild

August – Berlin – Friedrich-Palast – No Winner

July – Bath – Herschel Museum

Saadia Thomson

June – Swansea – Old Swansea Central Library – No Winner

Tom Brown

May – Munich – Munich Opera House – No Winner

May – Glasgow – Pavilion Theatre – No Winner

April – York – Fairfax House

Niel Hartley

March 2019 – Exeter – Guildhall

Alex Hill

February 2019 – Nottingham – Bromley House Library

Alasdair Rittey

January 2019 – Sheffield – Town Hall

Jo Davis

December 2018 – London – The Shard

November 2018 – Leeds – Grand Theatre

October 2018 – Brighton – Theatre Royal

Brockmans Gin Facebook Live Brighton
Alex Sharples

September 2018 – Birmingham – Ikon Gallery

August 2018 – Cardiff – Pierhead

Brockmans Facebook Live Nicky Batchelor
Nicky Batchelor

July 2018 – Edinburgh – Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Press For Gin Facebook Live Alison Scott
Alison Scott

June 2018 – Liverpool – The Bluecoat

Press For Gin Facebook Live Winner Julie Cavanagh
Julie Cavanagh

May 2018 – Cologne – Farina House – No Winner

May 2018 – Winchester – Alfred the Great Statue

Press For Gin Facebook Geraldine Pinniger
Geraldine Pinniger

April 2018 – Nottingham – Park Tunnel

Brockmans Facebook Live Winner Nottingham
Emma James and Cherie Burton

April 2018 – Frankfurt – Alte Oper

Brockmans Gin Facebook Live Frankfurt
Johanna Orlob

March 2018 – Manchester – The Central Library

Brockmans Gin Facebook Live Winner
Petra Dawson

February 2018 – Hamburg – Docks Club

Brockmans Facebook Live Hamburg 2018 Winner
Sascha Homann

February 2018 – Cambridge – The Polar Museum

Brockmans Facebook Live Munich 2018 Winner
Jo Potts

January 2018 – Munich – Asamkirche

Brockmans Facebook Live Munich 2018 Winner
Nicolas Völkl

January 2018 – Newcastle – Betsey Surtees House

Brockmans Facebook Live Newcastle 2017 Winner

November 2017 – Bristol – The Redcliffe Caves

Brockmans Facebook Live Bristol 2017 Winner
Eleanor Powell

October 2017 – Berlin – Silent Green – No Winner

October 2017 – York – The Red Devil

Brockmans Facebook Live York 2017 Winner
Lindsey Nightingale

September – Leeds – Leeds Corn Exchange

Brockmans Facebook Live Leeds 2017 Winner
Mark Prinold

August 2017 – Sheffield – The Chimney House

Brockmans Facebook Live Sheffield 2017 Winner
Adam Williams

July 2017 – Glasgow – The Lighthouse

Brockmans Facebook Live Glasgow 2017 Winner
Gerry Doherty

June 2017 – Dublin – Molly Malone Statue

Brockmans Facebook Live Dublin 2017 Winner
Bob Leggett

May 2017 – Brighton – Fabrica Gallery

Brockmans Facebook Live Brighton 2017 Winner
Di Coke

April 2017 – Liverpool – Liverpool Infirmary  – No Winner

March 2017 – Manchester – John Rylands Library

Brockmans Facebook Live Manchester 2017 Winner
Bethany Jane Davies

February 2017 – London – The Wallace Collection

Brockmans Facebook Live London 2017 Winner
Andrew Baxter