Last week we popped into the Winslow Bar on New York’s busy 14th Street to chat with general manager and head bartender Cait Moorhead about all things gin and Brockmans.

Sandwiched between the historic Victorian neighbourhood of Gramercy Park and the Bohemian East Village, the Winslow, which opened in September 2013, is part of a new breed of bars that have sprung up in recent years across the city with a niche concept and specialist drinks lists. And nothing says the rehabilitation of gin into the mainstream drinks culture than a dedicated gin bar in the heart of New York City.

Named after one of the founders, Jeff Winslow, over 45% of the drinks the bar serves are gin-based. Brockmans ranks among the top three poured; incredible considering the 35 different options available. This success is due to the combination of being great juice, one that is featured in a G&T garnished with hibiscus and a truly fantastic cocktail created by Cait herself: the Jessica Rabbit; and the support from Brockmans through participation in the Winslow’s Gin Club and regular visits.

Jessican Rabbit Winslow NYC-min


What is Gin Club you wonder? A club open to all exploring the historical journey of gin whilst discerning the botanicals, and experimenting with cocktail creations– some traditional like a French 75 or contemporary like a Cosmo (or shall we say, Brosmo).

While we’re glad to be a firm favourite with the staff, we wanted to suss out what Cait really thinks of gin. “Any brand that can offer smoothness, flavour and versatility is always going to be a winner – a gin that can do this and stand up to robust mixers without compromising the sweetness and character will be great in any cocktail.“ The Jessica Rabbit delivers this in spades.

If you find yourself at a loose end of an afternoon wanting to watch the latest footie match, up for exploring gin, or to simply in the mood for a Brocks on the Rocks, you will find great company with the team at Winslow.

The Jessica Rabbit

by Cait Moorhead


  • Brockmans Gin
  • Lime Juice
  • Grapefruit Bitters


Pour all ingredients into a glass and garnish with rose and hibiscus.