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2017: The Year of Gin

Apart from the obvious (ahem that being that Brockmans tastes like no other), this increase is in direct correlation with the steady rise in distilleries across the country.

Gone are the days of the endearing family recipes being handed down each generation. Learning about the craft, distillation and quality of each batch is what captivates audiences of all generations, particularly the younger, who are acquiring a taste for premium drinks. That, along with gin’s versatility in cocktails makes it a hot commodity. We’ve mustered a few predictions of our own for what you can expect for 2017.


Gin Bars will rise. But they’ll need to become unique

Bars dedicated solely to gin will become the new Friday night haunt. Especially with London having just opened its first Gin Hotel, kitted out with a working distillery, two bars, a gin-making experience, shop and museum, there will be high pressure to provide like experiences. A vast selection soon won’t make the cut, rather bars will need to create experiences that will connect consumers more immediately to gin. As for us, well you can expect something along the lines of this when you press for gin.


Cocktails will prevail over flavoured gin

We’ve always said coffee keeps us busy until it’s time to drink gin, but more and more distillers are infusing their gin with coffee beans, flowers, jams and the like. While in theory it sounds exciting because it’s different, fads don’t last. The craft of a bartender inventing a cocktail never loses its magic, and the simple pleasure of a classic martini or old-fashioned is timeless.

Brockmans Gin

It’ll be a year of tonic

Goodbye skinny, hello full-bodied tonic. With new flavoured tonic on the rise, cue pink grapefruit, lemon, elderflower, Mediterranean, aromatic and Indian, choosing the right tonic will prove just how much the so-called gin connoisseur actually knows. Finding the right balance to the botanicals in gin will become necessary, so might we suggest brushing up on your G&T game?

Dark Berry Gin Tart

Gin and Dine

Move over wine, this is a job for gin. Not only is gin the perfect base for cocktails, but it pairs well with food, and tastes just as great in food. We don’t think you’d turn down a G&T Cronut. While many recipes currently lean towards the sweeter end of the spectrum, gin marinated olives, pastas, fish and gamier meats can easily become part of your dinner rotation. Rest assured restaurants will keep a bottle not only on the bar, but in the kitchen.