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The Hoxton Hotel

Arriving at the Hoxton Hotel you’re immediately greeted by a large open foyer with bare bricked walls, large fireplaces, and even larger chandeliers, giving the space a feeling of grandeur. The place was abuzz with a cool looking crowd, all with their obligatory Macs.

The place has a laid back cool vibe, with the staff in trainers, retro photo booths, iPads and a suitably upbeat soundtrack in the background.

Brockmans G&T

We made our way to the bar to meet with Jose Moreno (Bar & Beverage Manager) who had created an exclusive Brockmans cocktail that he wanted to share with us. Whilst he prepared the cocktail we took the chance to ask him a few questions:

Full name of mixologist: Jose Moreno
Name of bar: Hoxton Hotel
Describe your bar in a few words: In the heart of Shoreditch, busy, great atmosphere and challenging
Best thing you’ve ever overheard at the bar: Is this bartender on the menu?
What do you think Gin is so popular at the moment? Great spirit, easy to mix for a cocktail or just have it with tonic.
What do you like about Brockmans? Smoothness and berry taste.
If you had to have one last drink before you died, what would it be? Dry gin martini with olives.
What’s the name of the cocktail you created today? Mexican Martinez


  • Brockmans gin, 50ml
  • Sweet vermouth, 25ml
  • Mescal del Maguey, Vida 5ml
  • Orange
  • bitters, 3 drops

Stirred and double strained.