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The Shrub & Shutter

Brockmans gin cocktail: Fog on the Thyme

Unexpected ingredients are somewhat ubiquitous in the uber imaginative menus at The Shrub & Shutter. This lively neighbourhood bar in Brixton could easily be mistaken for the laboratory of a mad (but green-fingered) scientist, with it’s vast selection of unusual spirits, homemade shrubs and bitters, herb planters and old cookbooks, but once you’ve been lucky enough to try one of their creations, it’s clear that they are extremely talented mixologists.

When we dropped by last week to taste their latest Brockmans creation, we had no idea what to expect, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the resulting cocktail looks stunning. It tastes incredible too, but don’t just take our word for it, head to the Shrub & Shutter and try it for yourself.

Full name of mixologist:

Dave Tregenza

Describe your bar in a few words:
A neighbourhood cocktail bar & restaurant in Brixton. Serving exciting & innovative cocktails created with local, seasonal & homemade ingredients.

Dave Tregenza preparing a Brockmans gin cocktail

Best thing you’ve ever overheard at the bar:
Excuse me… Can you explain yourself? (talking about our menu)

Why do you think Gin is so popular at the moment?
I think that gin is very dear to the English heart, especially in London. The fact that its not being made in bathtubs any more, shows how more and more people want to make artisanal products and can show how versatile gin itself can be. When you explore botanicals you make much more interesting gins.

What do you like about Brockmans?
I have a little bit of a sweet tooth, so I like the fact that you get the floral and dark berry notes without having to add sugar to any cocktails you make with it.

If you had to have one last drink before you died, what would it be?
A pint of Harveys Best Bitter from Lewes. It’s the best.

Fog on the Thyme
(a Paul Gasgoine classic…)Brockmans gin bottle and Fog on the Thyme cocktail


  • 45ml Brockmans gin
  • 10ml Oscar 697
  • 15ml thyme & blueberry shrub
  • 5ml citrus w/ citric acid
  • 2 drops Peychaud’s bitters
  • 7 blueberries


  • Shaken and double strained
  • Thyme infused hot water poured over dry ice to create a thyme scented fog on the table
  • Garnished w/ lemon verbena and blueberries