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6 Steps to the Ultimate Gin and Tonic

Step 1: The Glass

The majority of the G&T flavour is carried in the bubbles – a huge responsibility for such small shoulders. Rising up to burst – releasing a delicious, fruit-filled aroma – it’s crucial to stimulate as many as possible. With a wide bottom and effortless sophistication, the Balloon Glass produces twice as many bubbles as the taller, slimmer alternatives, and twice the flavour.

Step 2: The Gin

The most important component is of course the gin. A unique drink, with ingredients sourced from far and wide, Brockmans makes the ultimate G&T. Notes of almond, orange peel and liquorice, and prevalent tastes of blueberry and blackberry – Brockmans is an original blend of the finest botanicals. You’ll want to make it a double.

Step 3: The Tonic

The tonic should come straight from the fridge and be the perfect bedfellow for your gin – refreshing, invigorating and bright. It will take up the majority of your glass, so make sure it’s a good one. All-natural Fever-Tree and unfiltered Bermondsey Tonic Water come recommended.

Step 4: The Ice

Each element of the ultimate G&T works in harmony, and the ice is no different. Add plenty of large cubes to keep your drink cool on a long summer night, and to keep it fizzing too. A G&T that stays fizzy, is one that stays flavoursome. Time to throw out the ice cream, and get rid of the prawns, you’re going to need some extra freezer space. Use boiling water if you want ice cubes that are perfectly clear.

Step 5: The Garnish

Brockmans glassThe ultimate G&T garnish should complement your drink, enhancing the botanicals contained in your gin. And it doesn’t hurt if it looks good too. Leave the lime for the others and adorn your Brockmans and tonic by slipping in a twist of pink grapefruit peel and a couple of blueberries. The perfect garnish will reinforce the lush flavours of the gin, and have your friends begging for a sip.

Step 6: The Drinking Companion

Whether you’re at a party, the theatre or even a club, Brockmans is a celebration of originality – a drink to be enjoyed with a friend or family, a colleague or a cohort. The final component of the ultimate G&T – and often overlooked – is good company.