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Cecil’s Bar, London

Caspar, mixologist @ Cecil's Bar

We caught up with talented bartender and mixologist, Caspar of Cecil’s Bar, creator of the delectable Dirty Martinez…

Name of bar:
Cecil’s Bar

Describe your bar in a few words:
Cecil’s is a time travelling little gem hidden in the heart of London. It is driven by Passionate staff offering unique tastes and friendly smiles.

The cocktail ingredients

The cocktail ingredients

What’s your signature drink:
My signature drink tends to be like my favourite song. It changes from time to time but right now it’s a take on a Martinez with a dirty twist.

Best thing you’ve ever overheard at the bar:
The funniest thing I’ve ever overheard is tough. I once saw some guys who arrived already quite drunk and managed to leave one of their friends in the cab who had a lot more to drink and passed out in the cab. The taxi drove for off with him still in the back and about five minutes later they got a call from the driver.

What do you think will be the next big trend in drinks?
I think vermouths have always been incredibly important and something I’ve always been very fond of so I reckon that is going to make a big comeback. At the moment bars tend to be making a lot more home made ingredients too whether its making their own bitters or vermouth.

If you had to have one last drink before you died, what would it be?
The last drink I would have would probably have to be a Boulevardier. One of my all time favourites.

Caspar has created an amazing cocktail for us:

Dirty Martinez

Brockmans Dirty Martinez

Brockmans Dirty Martinez


  • 50ml Antica formula
  • 40ml Brockmans gin
  • 15ml olive brine juice
  • 10ml luxardo maraschino liqueur


  • Stir and serve in a coupette
  • Garnish with an olive

Get down to Cecil’s Bar in London Bridge and ask Caspar to rustle one up for you.