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Top 10 stocking fillers for gin lovers

 1. Home is where the gin is

We reckon this striking typographical print would be a welcome addition to any gin lovers home. And as the designers, Lovely Cuppa, quite rightly ask: who doesn’t love gin?
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2. Gin and tonic lip balm

Apply. Lick off. Re-apply. Repeat.
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3. So much gin bag

Now you can alert others to the presence (and cause) of your hangover without uttering a single word. Genius.
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Tote bag

4. Gin and tonic marshmallows

Mouthwateringly delicious marshmallows infused with gin and tonic. If Walter Mischel had used these in the Stanford marshmallow test then we know we’d fail.
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Gin & tonic marshmallows

5. Vera Lynn cocktail mug

A quirky new mug from the Cockney Rhyming Slang Range, Vera Lynn is glazed in army green and then each piece is hand-painted to include gorgeous eyes and bright red lips. Full of charm, Vera’s well worth your bread and honey
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Vera Lynn cocktail mug

6. Gin and tonic popcorn

Gourmet popcorn – the best thing to descend on cinemas since Orange Wednesday.
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gin popcorn

7. Personalised ‘gin is like Christmas’ print

This pretty print has your name on it…
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Gin is like Christmas

8. Gin and tonic bath salts

As any true gin fan will attest, a bath full of gin is the utmost gin fantasy. These gin infused bath salts are probably as close as you’re going to get to bringing that fantasy to life.
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Gin bath salts

9. Gym & Tonic bag

It is predicted that over 72% of people will make it their new years resolution to join a gym in 2015. So it’s highly likely that this will be a most useful gift. For the first fortnight in January at least.
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Gym & Tonic

10. And of course, a bottle of Brockmans

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a bottle of Brockmans.
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Brockmans Gin