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Belgraves Hotel bar: Belgravia, London

Belgraves Hotel


We met with the new bar manager, Adam Spinks to find out a bit more about the bar and what he is trying to create.

Name of bar:
The bar @ Belgraves Hotel

Describe your bar in a few words:
A well-curated humidor of vintage Cuban cigars, exquisite cocktails and cuisine. Inside, a discreet corner of the bar serves as the Snug, a superb spot to curl up on a cashmere sofa and share a secret among friends


What’s your signature drink:
A classic – the old fashioned

Best thing you’ve ever overheard at the bar:
Someone asked what we sell at the bar so I replied in jest “shoes” and they asked to see a catalogue!

What do you think will be the next big trend in drinks?
We’ve been going through the decades so I think the 80’s are due a resurgence. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pina Colada making a comeback.

Adam has created a beautiful cocktail for us, perfect for the winter months:

Julep of the West



  • 75ml Brockmans gin
  • 12.5ml Lapsang Syrup
  • 4 dashes of angostura bitters
  • 7 mint leaves
  • 3, 1/2 inch slices of red chili
  • crushed ice


  • Churn for a little bit to help a small amount of dilution
  • Top up with crushed ice
  • Garnish with chilli and 2 mint sprigs
  • Optional top up with Ginger ale & serve with a Cuban cigar

Fancy trying Adam’s delicious creation? Head over to the bar at The Belgraves Hotel and ask Adam to rustle one up for you.