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Want ‘A Night Like No Other’?

Phil Silcock

Taking place on the 10th of July, filming starts for the latest Brockmans art film where the theme of “nothing as it seems” will be encapsulated through the weaving in and out of the lives of a few particularly peculiar characters on the way to a “Night Like No Other”.

Andy Hill

The concept, script and design of the film have been created by Andy Hill, and Philip Silcock, who have worked together many times throughout the years and were delighted to be a part of the latest art film.

Andy has won many coveted UK and international awards for his creative work in advertising and design over the past 25 years.

During his working life as a creative director and agency owner he has also delved into the world of film. He currently runs a successful independent agency with his creative partner Sasha Westbrooke producing innovative design and communication for a growing number of boutique brands. Brockmans Gin is a brand they helped to create and have been involved with since its conception. They are responsible for the brand design and style communication for this unique gin over the past four years.

Phil held his first exhibition ‘ It’s Not What You Think ‘ in 1993 and was at this time he met Mike McKay, who modeled for his classic picture ‘ Hotel Party ‘. Mike and his brother Andy went on to create Manumission, the Worlds largest weekly party, held on the Island of Ibiza. Mike asked Phil to take the photographs for Manumissions first advertising campaign and one of the longest photographer & client relationships was born. For over a decade Phil has been commissioned to make numerous films and shoot the pictures used for over a hundred posters and countless flyers..

This film is simply just another way of demonstrating the intriguing taste through equally intriguing visuals. As the title of and emphasis in the film states – nothing is as it seems. We would tell you more… but we’ll keep you guessing what’s going to happen next.